Increasing IT Competencies (NAQ course)

Increasing IT Competencies (NAQ course)

The European Parliament and European Council have adopted The Recommendation on key competencies for lifelong learning since the 18th of December 2006, recommendation which forms the reference framework in this domain. These key competencies have also been recognized in Romania by the National Authority for Qualifications(ANC), which approved “The list of key competencies, common to most occupations”, IT competencies included.

During this course you will use innovative methods of teaching (the classic content will be completed by the modern, multimedia content, allowing you to access it online after finishing the course), and the classes will be followed by online sessions. After this course your IT competencies will be certified by a certificate recognized on national and European level.

Course objectives:

Graduating this course will allow you to:

  • Efficiently use the instruments offered by the spreadsheet MS Excel 2010 for analyzing and decision making;
  • Use MS Access 2010 databases for business decision making;
  • Become more efficient and productive using IT applications;
  • Understand the use of IT in payment systems or financial services distribution channels;
  • Manage of the risks and information security.

Target group

The course is aimed at people who use specific applications, companies/institutions who wish to use the computer at a professional level, employees in all departments.


  • Identification of problems in the current activity that can be solved with the help of Excel instruments;
  • Techniques for analysis and synthesis of data in order to achieve performance reports;
  • Data analysis using graphical representations;
  • Use of audit tools to verify data and formulas in spreadsheets;
  • Using scenarios for decision making;
  • Table design in relational databases;
  • Queries in Access database: query types , specific applications;
  • Forms in Access database: designing forms, using forms in records management;
  • Reports in Access database: generate summary reports; export data;
  • Macros and database tools;
  • Management of information security and compliance solutions;
  • Use of information and communication technologies in payment systems or financial services distribution channels.


16 hours of theoretical and practical training in the classroom (4 days x 4 hours, from 16:00 to 20:00); 24 hours individual study; 2 hours final examination.


13, 14, 20, 21 February 2019, between 16:00 – 20:00; Final exam: 28 February 2019, between 16:00 – 18:00


Luminiţa CIOCARU – Coordinator of the ECDL Test Center within the Romanian Banking Institute since 2015.

Graduated the Bucharest University – Physics Faculty, post-graduate studies, specialization: Computer Science/Informatics, Data Bases master degree, accredited examiner in IC3-Certiport-Microsoft, mentor and accredited formator. She has over 10 years’ experience as IT formator; she is also author of books and training programs in the Information Technology. She has numerous certifications in this domain: ECDL examiner permit, Expert ECDL, Oracle formator – Database Desing & Programming with SQL/PLSQL.


Ongoing evaluation – for practical aspects.
Final evaluation – for theoretical and practical aspects.


Participants who obtain the final average mark of at least 7 (of 10) will receive a graduation certificate issued by ANC, recognized on national level by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.

Documents required: application form, copy of the identity card, copy of diploma.

Contact person

Roxana Ivan, Training specialist
Tel.: 0372.394.453, Mobile: 0748.886.839





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