Global Managers Program

Global Managers Program

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For the first time in Romania, only at RBI! Unique opportunity for top professionals to hone their managerial skills!

The Romanian Banking Institute (RBI)’s mission is to raise the level of knowledge experience and expertize of all finance professionals across industries in Romania, and thus we are contributing to building a culture of professional development and management that is vital to ensure success in all areas.

RBI, in partnership with Corpstrat Academy for Learning, Leadership and Mentoring, will offer the Global Managers Program, as an excellent opportunity for managers and leaders to boost their managerial skills and obtain international recognition for their abilities and competencies.

The complex business world requires that executives constantly evolve their strategies, business models and leadership styles. Now more than ever, it is imperative to rely upon the knowledge and necessary capacities to successfully face new challenges and obstacles. Learn the latest managerial trends, improve your leadership skills and gain confidence in your decision-making abilities in order to take your professional career to the next level.

The Global Managers Program (GMP) is a transformative experience specially designed for executives and entrepreneurs with a clear international vision coming from different sectors, countries and having varied backgrounds.


The GMP will prepare you for all that and more by helping you to:

  • Develop a strategic vision that will allow you identify and take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • Certify your managerial skills globally, by attending the GMP organized by the Romanian Banking Institute, in partnership with Corpstrat Academy for Learning, Leadership and Mentoring, and endorsed by ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management and ITOL – Institute of Training and Occupational Learning      
  • Update and become familiar with the latest trends in business managementwith a results-oriented methodology rooted in immediate application.
  • Obtain a global and integrated vision of your organization.
  • Deepen yourunderstanding of the current environment, allowing you to strengthen your ability to make decisions in the midst of ever-growing uncertainty in international markets.
  • Maximize your managing skillsto more effectively lead teams and projects.
  • Expand your professional networkwith top-level executives coming from different countries, businesses, sectors and company cultures.
  • Receive a Personal Development Plan: Prior to the program’s launch, participants will complete a number of tests to identify their strengths, weaknesses and aims. A nominated Coach will help develop a road map with each participant to identify his/her goals and potential for personal growth as well as highlight the areas of less importance during one’s journey of professional development. During the program, each guide will meet with participants both in groups and individually to maximize the program’s impact as well as suggestions for continued development even once the GMP is completed. Each participant will have 6 hours of individual, personalized coaching sessions   


The GMP is the key to update your knowledge of business management and strengthen your leadership abilities, helping guide your transition to the next level within your organization.

  • Analyze your managerial strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop your management style
  • Communicate with presence
  • Improve your ability to lead change, enable business agility, and drive innovation
  • Recognize and manage inherent paradoxes of people management
  • Build productive relationships and manage people aspirations
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence


The GMP training package includes: 11 training days (64 hours in class), scheduled accross 3 months; study materials (CD support, to enhance your individual study); lecturers’ support throughout the study period; assessments and feedback from the lecturers; 7 exams.


Established managers who wish to sharpen their skills, or professionals in a phase of transition, poised to assume higher levels of responsibility and in need of acquiring the latest management tools to add to their wealth of knowledge. Ideally with a minimum of 4 + years of prior managerial experience


Through case studies, self-assessment tools, and dynamic group discussions, the program explores what it takes to be a successful manager and leader in today’s global economy. You will examine the concepts on effective people management, analyze cases on a mix of global companies and reflect on your own management challenges and goals.

Exploring the diverse elements of management — from managing yourself to developing your „contextual intelligence” the program puts you on the path to becoming the “Global Manager” your company needs.

You will delve into topics such as:

Global Managers Program

(classroom sessions)


11 days (64 hours)

1. Introduction to Global Managers Program and MBTI  1 day (7 hours)
2. IZOF – Goals and Strategic Change management 1 day (3+3 hours)
3. Succeeding through Emotional Intelligence and Setting a Personal Success foundation 1 day (3+3 hours)
4. Attitude and Altitude and Optimize for Personal Excellence 1 day (2+2 hours)
5. Exceeding Customer Excellence and Across Borders – Business Cross Culture 1 day (3+3 hours)
6. Presentation Skills 1 day (6 hours)
7. Cover I.T. (Experiential Learning Simulation) and Mid-term Evaluation 1 day (3+3 hours)
8. Negotiation Skills and Power of Influencing 1 day (3+3 hours)
9. Managing Time and Art of Delegation 1 day (3+3 hours)
10. Customer Relationship Management & Meeting Skills ½ day (4 hours)
11. Art of Consultative Selling and Services Marketing 1 day (3+3 hours)
12. Final Evaluation and Graduation Ceremony ½ Day




Rajesh Misca – High Performance Coach

Rajesh Misca is CE & LO of CALLM, a Business Management and Coach Training Organization. He is a High performance Coach, Mentor, Trainer, EI practitioner and an Author. He has an MBA and Diploma in High Performance Coaching and is passionate about standards and excellence. He is a Chartered MCIPD, CAHRI and a member of EMCC. His career graph in a nutshell reflects 22 years of experience, in 27 countries, across 5 continents and more than 24,000 individuals impacted with his thoughts since 1993 and still counting. As a High Performance Coach, he coaches many C-level Executives across the world, global organizations specializing in services and Service industry, National Sports teams and High performing individuals. His specialization in psychometrics, Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Psychology comes in handy in all these interventions, where he combines these concepts to get optimal results.

 Tony Small, MBA

 Tony is a strategic and articulate commercial business leader, renowned for devising creative solutions to complex problems that increase ROI and maximise performance. His main areas of expertise are Strategic Management, Business Development, Start Ups and Turnarounds and Programme Management. Tony holds an MBA from the University of Bath and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management, from the University of Bedfordshire.


      • CV in English (with details regarding managerial positions or roles)
      • copy of bachelor diploma (RBI responsible will verify if it is a true copy of the original)
      • copy of identity card

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