High performance leadership through emotional intelligence, within an organisation

High performance leadership through emotional intelligence, within an organisation

How to maximize  your leadership potential – a practical guide

Course description

The nature of leadership is evolving and effective leadership is one of the biggest challenges today. We are moving from authority to trust; from hierarchy to networking; from decision-making to inspiration; and from power to self-awareness. In a world where you never know what is going to be around the corner, being at the top is no longer about ruling with an iron fist.

Emotional Intelligence is best thought of as a collection of competencies: to be aware of your emotions, to recognize and understand emotions in others, to regulate your emotions, to handle and inspire emotions in others.

Get ready to lead yourself and others to sustained success and develop a “play to win” mindset to breathe new life into your team’s performance. The program features the use of the ILM72 [1]psychometric measure and enables you to:

  • Enhance your understanding of your individual leadership strengths and weaknesses 
  • Master new ways of approaching challenges and overcoming obstacles
  • Improve interactions with your team members by building strong bonds
  • Manage conflicts through successful leadership transactions
  • Coach your team members to help them develop their potential
  • Develop resilience in the face of adversity

[1]  a normative measure of leadership style and leadership behavior

Who will benefit from the course?

This program is designed for high potential executives at middle management level, who are taking on greater leadership responsibilities in their career and who need to be able to work through others to build personal and team success. A typical participant has experience managing a team and is keen to further enhance their leadership impact. This program is also suitable for individuals preparing to take on greater leader responsibilities within their organization.

Course agenda

You begin with a pre-program preparation phase which includes the ILM72 assessment to understand your adopted style, its impact on performance and identify  individual development needs.

At the start of the program you reflect on your current leadership style based on feedback gathered before the program, from your peers, your boss and your direct reports. You will be challenged to examine how you interact with others, what strategies you can employ to maximize your leadership impact, and to build a high performing team.

You will practice strategies to successfully deal with challenging team members and enhance your coaching skills to enable you to grow your team for success. You will also gain insights from other program members as you share leadership experiences and relate them to the program content. You will be challenged to test your assumptions and open yourself to new ways of thinking and acting with respect to your leadership approach.

You will leave the program with leadership strategies to apply to your current and future business challenges.

Individual assignments, personalized feedback from your coach, group work, exchange with leaders from other organisations and peer reviews are combined to stimulate reflection, unlock insights, change habits, and firmly embed the learning in your specific business context.

Key topics:

  • Identify your leadership style
  • Step 1: Self awareness
  • Step 2: Self management
  • Step 3: Motivation
  • Step 4: Empathy
  • Step 5: Handling Relations
  • How to bring EI to any situation
  • Developing EI in teams
  • Developing EI in organisations
  • The emotionally Intelligent leader
  • Resonant leadership and emotional climate
  • Leadership styles and emotional climate


  • You work with a dedicated personal coach to support you throughout your learning journey
  • You can work on current personal & team issues and apply what you learn to your context
  • You receive a guide book about “How to be emotional intelligent at work”



Rajesh Misca – High Performance Coach

Rajesh Misca is CE & LO of CALLM, a Business Management and Coach Training Organization. He is a High performance Coach, Mentor, Trainer, EI practitioner and an Author. He has an MBA and Diploma in High Performance Coaching and is passionate about standards and excellence. He is a Chartered MCIPD, CAHRI and a member of EMCC. His career graph in a nutshell reflects 22 years of experience, in 27 countries, across 5 continents and more than 24,000 individuals impacted with his thoughts since 1993 and still counting.

As a High Performance Coach, he coaches many C-level Executives across the world, global organizations specializing in services and Service industry, National Sports teams and High performing individuals. His specialization in psychometrics, Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Psychology comes in handy in all these interventions, where he combines these concepts to get optimal results.




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