S.H.I.F.T – Super High Impact Feedback Techniques

S.H.I.F.T – Super High Impact Feedback Techniques

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Program Synopsis

Today, technology, competition, and the desire of employees to be more involved and to have their work be an outlet for self-expression are powerful forces shaping the leader’s role. The need for quality, service, and innovation in organizations is creating a demand for employees who think, feel and act like responsible partners in the enterprise. Employees are steadily becoming more experienced and educated; their aspirations to contribute and grow represent strong resources for leaders. To create employee allegiance and invigorate an organization’s working spirit, there seems to be little doubt that the traditional notions of leader supremacy over employees will be replaced by notions of partnerships with them.

Vital to the idea of partnership is the leader’s ability to stimulate employees through coaching. Leaders can no longer control the productivity of an employee as closely and directly as in the past, when productivity depended on sheer muscle and sweat. In today’s workplace, an error isn’t as easy to define. Complexity and ambiguity of many jobs means a coaching approach is necessary—a one- on-one discussion of problems and challenges.

Simply ignoring problems, reprimanding, or disciplining employees is inappropriate for most situations today. A little finesse is necessary with the people in the organization who have good intentions and want to do the right thing. Leaders will need to learn how to be more like coaches in the partnership and less like bosses if they are to restore the entrepreneurial zeal, deep dedication, and team atmosphere missing in many organizations.

SHIFT, a two days High Impact Feedback Techniques program, will see the participants begin their journey with an introduction to Coaching for Performance – the foundational principles and practice of performance coaching, where they will develop valuable new skills, tools and behaviors that they can apply immediately at their work.

Day 2 builds on the skills developed on Day 1 and aims to grow more powerful and purposeful coaching within organizations. The focus is on transformational rather than transactional coaching, and expanding understanding and experience of human development process.

The experiential training incorporates a range of highly interactive learning techniques based on real-life coaching, observation and feedback from expert coach facilitators. Participants will explore and experience rather than ‘learn’ the foundations and essence of coaching and feedback techniques.

S.H.I.F.T.  Program Content and Flow

Day 1 – Fundamentals of Feedback and Coaching Theories 

  • What’s your toughness quotient? – Understand your Mental Toughness quotient, factors that are limiting your (Includes MTQ48 Assessment and report)
  • What is your Game? – A insight to your life scripts and how you perceive your world, and others.
  • What are your performance Motives?
  • Your Coaching and Motivation Styles
  • Who are you – The good, the Bad and The Ugly of your Coaching

Day 2 – Techniques for Positive Feedback and Effective Coaching 

  • Coaching for Relationship Building – Colleagues to Collaborators
  • Coaching for Performance – From Dialogues to Action
  • Coaching Conversations – From Logical Talks to Emotional
  • The 5 Wives and 1 Husband theory of Effective Feedback

Who is SHIFT for?

Whether you are looking to become a professional business coach or want to develop a coaching style at work, the Super High impact Feedback Technique program is ideal for:

  • Leaders and managers with coaching experience who want to take it further or are required to coach as part of their job
  • HR and L&D professionals wanting to hone their coaching skills, looking to retain and develop talent or build the coaching capability within organizations
  • Individuals who want to develop a career as an independent executive coach or pursue certification in High Performance Coaching and Feedback techniques.
  • Consultants working within organizations, responsible for Performance and growth management.


Rajesh Misca – High Performance Coach

Rajesh Misca is CE & LO of CALLM, and the Corporate Vocational Institute, Romania’s first global Vocational Institute that specializes in Leadership, Coaching and Employability development. He is a High performance Coach, Mentor, Trainer, EI practitioner and an Author. He has an MBA and Diploma in High Performance Coaching and is passionate about standards and excellence. His career graph in a nutshell reflects 25 years of experience, in 27 countries, across 5 continents and more than 24,000 individuals impacted with his thoughts since 1993 and still counting.

As a High Performance Coach, he coaches many C-level Executives across the world, global organizations specializing in services and Service industry, National Sports teams and High performing individuals. His specialization in psychometrics, Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Psychology comes in handy in all these interventions, where he combines these concepts to get optimal results.


2 days TBA, between 9:00 – 17:00 

For the course fee and other details please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Contact: Mihaela Radu, Training Specialist, 0748886807, mihaela.radu@ibr-rbi.ro


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