Soft Diplomatic Skills in business: DOs & DON’Ts in business protocol

Soft Diplomatic Skills in business: DOs & DON’Ts in business protocol


Code of Good Manners in Business


The seminar aims to provide information about what we need to do and what we should not do from a protocol point of view.

The business etiquette actually involves building and strengthening relationships with other people. The protocol and the etiquette are not just a set of rules, but they seek to ensure social comfort and create an environment that can ensure that any direct communication channels between people in all its verbal and non-verbal ways are eliminated.

The Seminar is meant to strengthen your confidence in you and help you move faster and faster over the moments of hesitation that can arise in relationships with others when we do not know exactly how we should do it.


The course is addressed to employees in Business Development departments, to employees who want to improve their negotiation skills, managerial staff, and other people who want to use the protocol and business label correctly and to learn the skills needed to connect with the business environment local and international.


Introductory Aspects

– The constant evolution of the protocol in relation to social, political and economic transformations

– Why is the etiquette also important in the business environment?

How to make a strong and positive first impression?

– Professional presentations (visual contact, greeting, business cards)

– Body language (posture, standing or sitting in the chair as we walk in and out of a room)

The professional image and the right fit for various events:

– Business; Formal; Smart casual

Order of preference in the business environment

– Concept and criteria used in the business environment to determine the order of precedence

The art of negotiation

– The principles of effective negotiation; How we organize a negotiation

The written protocol. Business correspondence

– Characteristics of business correspondence (classic and modern)

– Sending invitations to various events and responding to the invitation

How does the protocol help us have an effective business meeting?

Do’s & don’ts in organizing and attending private and official events

– Business lunch or work lunch; conferences; Reception and cocktail dinner

Decalogue of the international business protocol and peculiarities in various states of the world: The Arab world; Latin America; People’s Republic of China; India; Japan; Singapore

Social Taboos

– What do we do when we sneeze, cough, sneeze, have accidents at the table, are we in the midst of people intoxicated?

– Four delicate topics in the business environment (punctuality, smoking, gossip and intrigue, gender issues)

Protocols in the business environment


Sandra Gătejeanu Gheorghe was the protocol manager of the Royal House of Romania between 2008 and 2018. In this capacity she coordinated the official visits of the Royal Family of Romania abroad, but also the Royal Trips made in Romania by the members of the Foreign Royal Families, she kept in touch with the Royal European Houses and the World and organized the presence of the members of the Romanian Royal Family at the public events in country, managed the liaison with the diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest, as well as with Romania’s missions abroad, organized the events of the Royal Family, whether it was Jubilee or Evenings of the Elisabeth Palace, Dinners, Decorations Ceremonies.

Currently, she is a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Protocol Directorate.

Starting with 2011, Sandra Gătejeanu Gheorghe is a lecturer of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, giving lectures on the Royal Protocol and Ceremony in the courses organized by this institution.

As a professional training, Sandra Gătejeanu graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest and also from the Faculty of Political Science within the same University. She is also a lawyer at the Bucharest Bar and a teaching staff of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest.

She attended protocol courses at the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy in Brussels and she is a member of the Romanian Protocol Association and founder of the first Good Manners School in Romania.

Sandra Gătejeanu Gheorghe is decorated by His Majesty King Michael with the King Mihai I Medal for loyalty and the Order of Romania’s Crown Order Officer.

She lectured privately for companies or organizations such as: Automobile Bavaria, Champions in Business , Rotary Romania, Ursus Breweries etc.


April 24, 2020, between 9:00 – 17:00

Enrollment in the course is done by filling in the registration form.

RBI will hold the course on its premises, providing specialised lecturer, course materials and catering services during the training day.

At the end of the course, the participants will receive a certificate issued by IBR (under the aegis of the founding members: BNR and ARB).

For the course fee and other details please contact us by phone or e-mail.


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