European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB)

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European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB)


Program dedicated to young high school graduates, students in their final years or those who have been working for a short time in the banking system or any other interested person. The holder of the certificate is recognized as a specialist in the profession, in any country of the  EU, according to the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training – CEDEFOP.


1. EU financial system and monetary policy

  • EU economic and financial structure
  • Key characteristics of the european economy
  • Structure of the financial system
  • The banking environment in the european area
  • EU monetary policy
  • Monetary policy – objectives, strategies, instruments, operations
  • Monetary policy of BCE
  • Monetary policy of NBR

2. Banking Customers and products

  • Products, customers, distribution channels, and competition
  • Operations of assets and liabilities
  • Bank customers
  • Distribution & competition
  • Individual customers
  • Types of retail customers
  • Retail customer products and services
  • Romanian retail banking
  • Corporate customers
  • The necessary qualities of an entrepreneur
  • Behaviour of corporate customers
  • The legal formats of companies
  • Lending operations of legal persons
  • Risk and cost management
  • Risk management
  • Financial intermediation
  • Costs and pricing

3. Professional ethics. Introduction to management and marketing      

  • Ethics
  • The behaviour and the ethical thinking
  • Business ethics
  • Banking and ethics
  • Marketing – Introductory notions
  • The importance of marketing for a bank
  • The relationship between market segmentation and marketing strategy
  • The marketing in retail banking and private banking
  • Management – Introductory notions
  • Planning as a management function
  • Human Resources Management


5 Months

The course include two study periods:

– The individual training period consists of deepening the theoretical knowledge included in the course materials and the bibliography attached thereto. Materials will be sent electronically at the beginning of the training. During the individual training, students can ask the course organizer questions about the content of the materials studied. The answers to the questions will be provided by the lecturer during the course.

 The class training period (4 seminars), according to a preset schedule, is the actual delivery of the course by the lecturer (deepening the theoretical notions, case studies, examples, simulations, etc.) and evaluation of knowledge throughout and at the end of the course.

The necessary registration documents:

Registration form, copy of ID card, copy of baccalaureate/bachelor degree.

Participants will receive at the end of the course the certificate European Foundation Certificate in Banking issued by the EBTN (European Banking and Financial services Training Association).

March – July 2019

For more information regarding the programme and attendance procedures, please contact us at e-mail: emanuela.savu@ibr–;; tel. no.: 021/327.50.87, 0372.394.424, 0748.886.803, fax: 021/327.50.86.