MICROSOFT ACCESS – advanced level

MICROSOFT ACCESS – advanced level

Course presentation

MS Access is one of the most used applications in business, thanks to the facilities it offers for managing and analyzing  large data.  As a result of the permanent link with the financial and banking environment and analysis of the demand made by employees in the sector, RBI provides an interactive course, with many models and case studies relating to the current activity of an organization.


The course is designed for people from all sectors using database applications for the customized handling and processing of data, reporting and statistics.


The course aims to acquire in depth knowledge of Microsoft Access 2010 for the advanced data processing of relational data bases.


Designing tables in databases:

  • creating tables, attributes and properties, data types, binding tables;
  • defining keys and relationships between tables, integrity constraints, types of associations;
  • modifying the structure of a table: validation rules, data type properties;
  • import and linking tables from other applications / databases;
  • processing tables: searching a record (values) find and replace function, sorting, filtering data from tables.

Queries in Access database:

  • selection queries: a selection criteria; parameterized queries;
  • calculated fields in queries, generator expressions;
  • Total and Crosstab query type, grouping and aggregate functions;
  • action queries: delete, update, add records, create tables.

Forms in Access database:

  • designing a form associated work records in forms;
  • forms and subforms associated tables;
  • form design objects: non-associated fields, labels, expressions, option buttons, lists, search, list selection action buttons.

Reports in Access database:

  • generating reports related grouping and sorting;
  • functions and calculated fields, exporting data.

Macros and database tools:

  • design macros; categories of commands and properties;
  • events Access database objects, association macros;
  • security of databases startup forms, applications database.


The course has a duration of 16 hours of theoretical and practical training 4 days


TBA – between 16.00 – 19.00


Natalia Lapteş – trainer and examiner authorized by the ANC, with experience of over 20 years at the RBI Financial and Banking Training Centre, information technology specialty, examiner and authorized trainer and coordinator of the ECDL accredited Centre of RBI, author of textbooks and training programs in information technology.


At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate, issued by RBI (under the aegis of the founding members: NBR and RBA), with 14 CPD credits.

Students who also want an international certification may opt out at the end of the course for the ECDL testing (European Computer Driving Licence), the Access module, within the accredited ECDL Test Centre of the RBI, by paying an additional fee (participants already enrolled in the ECDL program will only pay the examination and issuance of permit).


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