Dealer, COR Code 421209

Dealer, COR Code 421209




The program aims to develop the following skills:

– financial marketanalysis

– seting FX and interest rate levels for the tradings performed on behalf of the bank

– performing selling and buying operations on behalf of the clients and the banks

– attraction and placement of deposits on behalfs of the client and the banks

– managing the FX position of the bank

– placing within the limits of risk exposure set by the bank

– trading fixed income instruments on the primary and the secondary market



The course is recommended to the bank employees from the treasure department, other corporate and private investors who manage asset portofolios on financial markets, as well as to anyone willing to develop new skills in this field .


  • Initial admission test (multiple choice test) to prove specific skills in banking and finance and general skills: legal safety at work and in emergency situations; implementing the know your customer programme; information security rules
  • Bachelor degree


Specialists with great banking experience from Bucharest and regional centers.

ADRIAN CODÎRLAŞU, CFA, PhD, holds the CFA certification since 2006 and the title of Doctor in Economics with international finance specialization.  Adrian has a 5 years experience as a Senior Options Dealer within the ING Bank and is an Associate Professor of the Doctoral School of Finance Banks-DOFIN, of the master program Banking Systems Management and of the Risk Academy, and he teaches subjects like econometrics, derivatives and risk management.  Since 2011 Adrian is the president of the Financial and Banking Analysts Association of Romania. In the last 6 years Adrian has been a member of the Steering Committee of CFA Romania and from 2009 to 2011 he has been the President of this association. Adrian has been a senior economist within the research department of the National Bank of Romania for more than 5 years.