Unconventional workshop CREATIVE MINDS FOR LEADERSHIP or Life tastes good!

Unconventional workshop CREATIVE MINDS FOR LEADERSHIP or Life tastes good!


A provocative experience which teaches us how to use high real impact instruments and techniques during the process of communication.
Un unconventional event which is interested in the personality of each participant. A strong practical instrument for all the persons who want to promote an idea or a campaign. The games are the same: they have their own rules and they divide the world in winners and defeated…no matter what the result, they make history when the stake and the players are unconventional. The workshop is designed to develop the unconventional creative communication abilities; to practice theatrical techniques, self-knowledge and creativity and to create necessary skills for the ones who hold important positions within any kind of companies or organization, for team leaders and why not, for the ones interested in developing themselves as individuals. An experience which helps participants to discover the power of words, gestures, how to become masters of their own life, through a proper use of emotions, thoughts expressed through movements, looks, tone, proper and creative diction. The workshop is interactive and participatory and is very useful to the ones who coordinate teams and to public speakers, to the ones who want to become better communicators, to the ones who have presentations, to consultants, managers, and to all the persons interested in the workshop concept and themes.


The workshop develops the necessary abilities for public speaking, for improving performance in communication, influencing the behavior of others and the personal performance. If we look around carefully we will discover a world where each of us is able to act in various acting styles – dramas and comedies; in the end theatrical plays have a common element and characters have the same purpose: achieving love, power, recognition and glory. We will identify the participant expectations and then we will establish the objective and the necessary techniques for achieving that specific objective. Psychological personalization transforms the participant in a real creation laboratory, which will help him overcome difficulties and use them constructively in day-to-day activities. The power of the “actor” will help him transform conflicts, challenges and failures in positive aspects, in short, to succed even in difficult moments. The training pays attention to the physical component, gesture and body language as well as to the performance act in the process of communication.
Theatrical techniques

  • image
  • gestures
  • body language
  • character and personality
  • public presence
  • reputation
  • exercises

Public speaking techniques

  • stake
  • objective
  • argument
  • issues/problems
  • pronunciation
  • between logic and emotion
  • from speech to eloquence


  • out of the present
  • multidisciplinarity
  • exchange of ideas
  • types of creation
  • let’s play!


Anca Sigartău has graduated National University of Theatre and Film, acting class, professor Dem Rădulescu; has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing and Ph.D. in Art – Magna Cum Laudae. Actor and director at Bulandra Theatre, Nottara Theatre, Small Theatre, Metropolis Theatre, she played various roles in famous plays. Academic experience: theatre teacher at Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA, USA and acting professor at Spiru Haret University, from Bucharest.


6 hours, between 10.00 – 16.00
Max. 10 -12 persons


Mihaela Radu,

Training Specialist

Telephone: 0372 394 422;

Mobile: 0748.886.807,

E-mail: mihaela.radu@ibr-rbi.ro





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