Managerial Finance

Managerial Finance

The course aims to illustrate the financial and accounting issues from the managerial point of view, so as to facilitate communication between finance and all other functions of a company. It has a strong impact on understanding and implementing the development strategy, for the greater benefit of sustainable commercial and financial results.

Process optimization is difficult if there are communication barriers in a company (that is, lack of understanding of the specific terms). Unlike everything else, the financial function operates with terms that can make one say “I am not good at accounting”. However, “numbers talk” (“money talks”).

The course covers the basic terms of managerial finance; it allows participants to use the financial terms in a correct way. Although it is not the main focus, the course explains the numbers behind risk, resulting in red flags for the middle and top management.


The course is a combination of theory and case studies with practical, real life situations.

Course benefits:

  • Understanding how transactions and activities are reflected in the financial statements;
  • The ability to read and understand the components of financial statements: balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow; the ability to understand the role of financial statements and potential benefits of financial instruments;
  • Competences in estimating operational performance, investment and financial performances using specific indicators;
  • Ability to understand and interpret annotations (explanatory notes) on financial statements;
  • Understanding the role of finance in the strategy of a company and its ability to measure performance.


The course is recommended to managers in sales, marketing, operations, and legal departments, as well as to financial statement users with limited financial analysis knowledge.


Financial management

  • Functions
  • Decision types
  • The role and principles of accounting

Financial statements

  • Profit and loss: profit analysis, recognition criteria, challenges in the reporting process; loss analysis, recognition criteria, challenges in the reporting process;
  • Balance sheet: income and questionable items; debt and equity, questionable items;
  • Cash flow: major components; methods

Financial analysis

  • Objective, instruments
  • Financial analysis based on indicators
  • Limitations and pitfalls of the financial analysis based on indicators

Financial planning

  • Budgeting, forecasts
  • Break even point analysis, operational leverage

Working capital

  • Components, politics
  • The management of working capital

Time value of money

  • Future value
  • Present value


Luminiţa Daneti, MBA

Luminiţa Daneti has over 15 years of experience in consultancy and corporate finance in various industries. Her areas of expertise range from financial analysis, company evaluation services, strategic planning, controlling, to the management of assets and liabilities.

After graduating from an MBA program at City University of Seattle, USA, she joined the Romanian Banking Institute. Additionally, Mrs. Daneti has a masters degree in Aeronautics and a degree in Mathematics.

Since 2000 she has been teaching financial analysis and corporate finance during 2 MBA programs and also several financial seminars at the RBI.

Her interactive courses incorporate a lot of practical examples and case studies, aimed at teaching concepts which are apparently dry and technical; nevertheless, these concepts are interdependent with a company.


October 1-2, 2019, between 9:00 – 17:00

In order to sign in for the course, participants will fill in the registration documents.

RBI will organize the course at its premises, providing specialized lecturers, course materials and catering services.

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate issued by RBI (under the aegis of the founding members: NBR and RBA), with 14 CPD credits.


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