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Unconventional workshop CREATIVE MINDS FOR LEADERSHIP or Life tastes good!

WORKSHOP CONCEPT A provocative experience which teaches us how to use high real impact instruments and techniques during the process of communication. Un unconventional event which is interested in the personality of each participant. A strong practical instrument for all

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Reaching organization performance through communication and negociation (3 months)

TARGET GROUP The program is addressed to persons from banks, IFNs, SMEs, freelancers, legal entities or individuals. CONTENT PERIOD 3 months  The course include two study periods: – The individual training period consists of deepening the theoretical knowledge included in

Internal strategic communication in financial institutions

  Internal communication involves the communication to employees or departments at all levels of an organization. An effective internal communication creates mechanisms that foster employee engagement and help to better understand the organization’s objectives and how they can be achieved.


Competition law within the banking and financial sector – RBI and Reff & Associates (Deloitte Legal)

Compliance with competition law has become one of the most important aspects to be considered by a company when deciding its long term strategy. A competition law issue may arise not only from a specific behavior of the upper management



    1 day Coaching Seminar for Banking and Financial Professionals Seminar description Most managers and professionals in the Banking and Financial industry are trapped in the daily activity with full agendas, a lot of responsibilities, motivated by the impact


How to be a real success. Professional Development and Leadership Training

TO BECOME A REAL SUCCESS… it is imperative to RELATE to others better as you understand relational rules; EQUIP others with the proper skill sets; improve your ATTITUDE through daily practices; and LEAD others successfully to where you have gone