The Ten Commandments of Insolvency. Why do companies fail?

– Applied workshop for banks and companies – Workshop context: the insolvency procedure = a “national sport” in Romania The business environment in Romania improved to perfection on the process of creative destruction: ceasing the activity of a company and


MIFID II: Strategies for risk assessment and management in the context of implementing the new legislation

DESCRIPTION The seminar presents an applied approach to risk management strategies in the context of the implementation of MIFID II. It highlighting the risk management paradigm changes introduced by MIFID II in parallel with the emphasizing of the governance framework


Compliance Officer

  Compliance Officer qualification represents a professional qualification required in the labor market, that arises from domestic and international legal regulations requiring the existence of this function,  as well as from the internal need of the banks fot the existence

MS Excel for the financial and banking sector – advanced level

Course presentation MS Excel is one of the most used applications in business, thanks to the facilities they offer for managing and analyzing data, the friendly and intuitive mode of operation. As a result of the permanent link with the


EU funds architecture 2014 – 2020 for bankers, beneficiaries and consultants

OBJECTIVE The course aims to present issues related to access and implement new EU-funded projects in line with the new strategy adopted by the European Commission for 2014-2020 period. AUDIENCE Bank staff from departments involved in analysis, EU funds, loans,

Do’s and and don’ts with the media – financial institutions vs. the press

  Financial institutions vs. the press Mass media is one of the main interlocutors of organizations, as one of the main channels for the dissemination of information to the public. The perception of the organization depends largely on the organizational


Market risk management

    CLASS OBJECTIVES Considering the latest developments in the international markets and the regulatory requirements for market risk, the class offers an in-depth presentation of the traded products and an intuitive and practical understanding of the mathematical models used


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) represents all the initiatives through which companies get involved in the development of society. In Romania, social responsibility has become one of the points of interest for companies that align with international practice with tradition. Moreover,


Advanced financial analysis

QUALITY OF THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: WARNING SIGNS AND ADJUSTMENT TECHNIQUES Amid the financing restrictions within the last four-five years, private companies played a significant “commercial banking” role for their customers, by accepting extended collection terms. Traditional banking credit shifted more

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