Anti-fraud, compliance, governance and ethics


Compliance Officer

  Compliance Officer qualification represents a professional qualification required in the labor market, that arises from domestic and international legal regulations requiring the existence of this function,  as well as from the internal need of the banks fot the existence


Compliance and assesment tehniques for compliance risk

OBJECTIVE The program is presenting to the participants the consolidated legislation and best practices regarding compliance function, preventing, sanctioning money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism as well as methods for assessing compliance risk. As methodology, the course will


Fraud perpetrated by individuals against financial institutions and identity documents

OBJECTIVE: Frauds, both internal and external, have caused significant damage to the financial system over the years. The direct consequence of these losses is the decrease of the profit made ​​by financial institutions and the development of the whole criminal

Detecting simulated behavior

One of the major challenges commonly encountered by managers in the current activity is represented by the simulated behavior of people they get in contact with. Simulated conduct or behavior is an attempt to conceal or to falsify the sense

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Compliance Officer

The Compliance officer represents a professional qualification required in the labor market arising from the domestic and international legal regulations that require the existence of this function and from the internal need of the banks regarding the existence of an


OBJECTIVE Fraud by means of electronic payment transactions via the internet are types of frauds that require specialized investigations, training and proper equipment, predominantly financial in character, with payment systems, credit and payment products offered by financial institutions being targeted.