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Do’s and and don’ts with the media – financial institutions vs. the press

  Financial institutions vs. the press Mass media is one of the main interlocutors of organizations, as one of the main channels for the dissemination of information to the public. The perception of the organization depends largely on the organizational


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) represents all the initiatives through which companies get involved in the development of society. In Romania, social responsibility has become one of the points of interest for companies that align with international practice with tradition. Moreover,


Competition law within the banking and financial sector – RBI and Reff & Associates (Deloitte Legal)

Compliance with competition law has become one of the most important aspects to be considered by a company when deciding its long term strategy. A competition law issue may arise not only from a specific behavior of the upper management

Internal strategic communication in financial institutions

  Internal communication involves the communication to employees or departments at all levels of an organization. An effective internal communication creates mechanisms that foster employee engagement and help to better understand the organization’s objectives and how they can be achieved.


Guarantees under the new civil code

OBJECTIVE Under the New Civil Code, the participants will be able to understand the concept of debt from a legal perspective, to identify the types of guarantees and establish the usefulness of them in different contexts. Also, through practical applied

Transforming Leadership

  How can financial organisations unlock the power of their people and drive sustainable performance? How can financial services organizations stay competitive and healthy? Do we need a new leadership model? And if yes, what will leaders and HR professionals