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Lending, Financial Analysis and Project Management


The Ten Commandments of Insolvency. Why do companies fail?

– Applied workshop for banks and companies – Workshop context: the insolvency procedure = a “national sport” in Romania The business environment in Romania improved to perfection on the process of creative destruction: ceasing the activity of a company and


EU funds architecture 2014 – 2020 for bankers, beneficiaries and consultants

OBJECTIVE The course aims to present issues related to access and implement new EU-funded projects in line with the new strategy adopted by the European Commission for 2014-2020 period. AUDIENCE Bank staff from departments involved in analysis, EU funds, loans,


Advanced financial analysis

QUALITY OF THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: WARNING SIGNS AND ADJUSTMENT TECHNIQUES Amid the financing restrictions within the last four-five years, private companies played a significant “commercial banking” role for their customers, by accepting extended collection terms. Traditional banking credit shifted more



Romanian banking system is currently facing multiple challenges: One of the main priorities for banks in this period is revitalising the lending business, by re-assuming an active role in structuring new loans, to encourage both consumers and investors, in a


Managerial Finance

The course aims to illustrate the financial and accounting issues from the managerial point of view, so as to facilitate communication between finance and all other functions of a company. It has a strong impact on understanding and implementing the