Financial markets and instruments

    OBJECTIVE Based on the latest trends and updates the course aims at offering an understanding of the functioning of the financial markets and of the traded financial instruments. Moreover, it will identify, analize and illustrate with practical examples


MIFID II: Strategies for risk assessment and management in the context of implementing the new legislation

DESCRIPTION The seminar presents an applied approach to risk management strategies in the context of the implementation of MIFID II. It highlighting the risk management paradigm changes introduced by MIFID II in parallel with the emphasizing of the governance framework



OBJECTIVE This course is a part of the development strategy of a bank, strategy that entails assuming, administering, monitoring and diminishing the significant risks and is a base piller in the orientation of the activities of the bank, in a


Compliance Officer

  Compliance Officer qualification represents a professional qualification required in the labor market, that arises from domestic and international legal regulations requiring the existence of this function,  as well as from the internal need of the banks fot the existence


Capital markets – financial analysis of listed companies, corporate finance and practical models

Setting up an investment portfolio has always been a subject of great interest for the financial analysts. Integrating new concepts and other investment instruments used in the analysis of the listed companies is the first step for building an investment

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Marketing and management strategies whithin the banking industry (5 months)

OBJECTIVE The course offers an advanced level of knowledge in the areas of banking management as well as services and products marketing. CONTENT 1. Banking Management 2. Banking Marketing PERIOD 5 months  The course include two study periods: – The


OBJECTIVE Fraud by means of electronic payment transactions via the internet are types of frauds that require specialized investigations, training and proper equipment, predominantly financial in character, with payment systems, credit and payment products offered by financial institutions being targeted.

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