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2 days Coaching Seminar for Banking and Financial Professionals

Seminar description

Most managers and professionals in the Banking and Financial industry are trapped in the daily activity with full agendas, a lot of responsibilities, motivated by the impact they want to produce; but most often they are stuck in routine activities.

The workshop Feedback and Coaching skills for Managers provides instruments for managers/managers to be, to lead effectively and to develop and achieve ambitious results. It is a great opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and competencies through powerful mentoring techniques and practical exercises.

Participants will learn through practice:

  • effective skills of coaching focusing on results
  • creating instruments for themselves and for their team development
  • delegation or empowerment through questions
  • improving results in employee performance and engagement through well-executed and regular feedback and coaching conversations
  • practicing and gaining confidence in holding authentic professional and honest conversations that have the power to transform relationships, behavior and the wider workplace culture.

People leaders of all levels, and individual contributors who require foundation or advanced feedback and coaching skills will receive personalized facilitator feedback, coaching and skill practice.

Who will benefit from the course?

Managers responsible for the development of others; Team leaders and supervisors who want to get the best out of their people; Line managers who look for a structured and effective method of performing; Line managers who want to develop their staff in their current role and also on a longer term.

Seminar objectives

  • Understanding the coaching process and stand-up as a manager-coach;
  • Finding an effective and easy way to integrate in the managerial role;
  • A new perspective on delegating management;
  • Practical ways to develop responsibility, autonomy, focusing on results of their managerial activity, as well as on their teams;
  • Ability to prepare, deliver and review coaching sessions

The workshop presents a practical, simple and progressive coaching process. Each participant will practice coaching techniques, and then the results will be evaluated. All practical exercises will be focused on the everyday objectives, needs, problems of the participants, punctuated with coaching information and examples of the coaches’ experience.

Course Agenda

Assess your capabilities (online questionnaire + feedback group session). Benchmark your professional capabilities and discover your top 8 competencies with MTQ48 Mental Toughness Questionnaire  and assessment (you need to fill out the questionnaire before the start of the course ).

Introduction and objectives. What is Coaching All About?

  • Why is it so effective? What is coaching? What coaching is not.
  • The different uses of coaching i.e. immediate feedback, regular meetings, performance, ongoing development.

Coaching as a Managerial Style

  • Advantages of coaching for increasing performance and staff development.
  • Why is coaching so important. Observing performance – finding opportunities.

 How to Give Motivational Feedback

  • Learn templates and models of how to give constructive and helpful feedback.
  • Deal with performance issues there and then when they happen.
  • Phrases and statements to use.

Coaching Models & Templates (including GROW model)

Introduction and practical implementation of coaching models for:

  • Understanding learning styles; building rapport and trust; setting SMART objectives; giving immediate/on the job, coaching; regular 121’s; performance meetings

Understanding People and Their Motivations

  • A section dedicated to understanding the world according to others. Their beliefs, values, behaviors etc.
  • How to understand this and how to apply it to the working environment for performance improvement.

Practical exercises and role-plays

  • An Introduction to the GLOBAL MANAGERS PROGRAM (GMP)


Rajesh Misca – High Performance Coach

Rajesh Misca is CE & LO of CALLM (Corpstrat Academy for Learning Leadership and Mentoring), Business Management and Coach Training Organization. He is a High performance Coach, Mentor, Trainer, EI practitioner and an Author. He has an MBA and Diploma in High Performance Coaching and is passionate about standards and excellence. He is a Chartered MCIPD, CAHRI and a member of EMCC.

His career graph in a nutshell reflects 22 years of experience, in 27 countries, across 5 continents and more than 24,000 individuals impacted with his thoughts since 1993 and still counting.

As a High Performance Coach, he coaches many C-level Executives across the world, global organizations specializing in services and Service industry, National Sports teams and High performing individuals. His specialization in psychometrics, Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Psychology comes in handy in all these interventions, where he combines these concepts to get optimal results.



Seminar duration: 2 days, 9:00 – 17:00                                                                                                                 

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate, issued by RBI (under the aegis of the founding members: NBR and RBA), with 14 CPD credits.

Language:  English & Romanian


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