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Fundamentals of money markets

This one day course offers the participants a broader view of the Money Markets  and products.

The market participants, governing institutions and naturally the products will be the focus of this course.

A typical “hands on” approach characterizes this course with cases and calculations.

Learning objectives

  • Understand and learn how to use plain vanilla Money Market products.
  • Be able to price the different products.
  • Understand which are the driv­ing forces active in the Money Markets and their influence on pricing and market develop­ments.
  • Acquire a general idea of Yield curves and their interpretation

Intended audience

 The course is directed at those who require knowledge of money market instruments such as:

  • Junior Traders
  • Account managers
  • Relationship Bankers
  • Middle and Back office junior staff
  • Consultants
  • Junior corporate treasurers
  • City administrations staff involved with liquidity management


 The Money Markets

  • Market conventions
  • Mathematical Refresher

– Factors determining the value of money
– Future value and present value
– Discount factors and compound factors
– Money market formulas
– Yield versus return
– Exercises

  • Payment Date Conventions and How it affects the settlement date

– Holidays, Following business day convention,  Modified following business day convention

  • Yield curves
  • Money Market Benchmarks
  • Plain vanilla Money Markets Instruments

– Deposits and loans
– Commercial papers and Certificate of deposit
– Treasury bills
– Forward start instruments

  • Fundaments of REPOs (Repurchase Agreements)

– Classification and  legal implications
– Cash flow calculations

  • Risk(s) and the Money Markets
  • Practical Cases


Moreno GIRALDI has over 30 years of experience as a trader, salesman and trainer in Foreign Exchange and Money Markets. His experience started in Italy, where he worked as an FX Trader at San Paolo Bank. In 1989, he joined ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands. His work there covered trading Money Market instruments and using a variety of off-balance sheet instruments. At a later stage, he created and coordinated a sales team covering FX, Money Market and Fixed Income products dedicated to servicing Central Banks worldwide.  After leaving ABN AMRO Bank in 2007, he dedicated himself to international training projects. Since 2009, he is the founder of M.G. Financial Training and Consultancy, offering in-house and open enrolment trainings on financial market products. In addition to training in the Netherlands, he has also been active in Luxembourg (in cooperation with Thomson Reuters) and in Romania (in cooperation with ACI Romania) for several years. Since 2018 he is also trainer at the Investment Academy specifically for the ACI suit of certification. Among other trainings, he offers the ACI Dealing and the Operations Certificate exam-training. A dedicated and enthusiastic lecturer, his trainings are practical and interactive, and include computer simulations of real-life work situations, thus enabling his students to have immediate practical application of their newly gained knowledge.


July 5, 2021 (from 10:00 – 16.00)

This is an online course. We will be using the ZOOM platform. For details, please click here

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate, issued by RBI (under the aegis of the founding members: NBR and RBA), with 4 CPD credits.                                                                   

Please note delegates will need the following to attend the course:

– Financial calculator. We recommend HP17BII or HP19BII

– Laptop with functioning webcam and audio capability. The webcam will be on during the course, audio when required.

For further information and enrollment, please contact:

Mihaela RADUTraining Specialist,  Mihaela.Radu@ibr-rbi.roTel: 0748 886 807