Business english course

Business english course

Today we live in a “global community”. People correspond regularly with their business partners the world over, products are being bought and sold and services are being provided on a global basis. English has a major role in this “globalization” and has become the universal channel of communication. It is vital for professionals to communicate effectively with their foreign counterparts and that is why companies and their employees recognize the imperative need to invest in English courses that focus on specific business processes to get the theory, practice and skills that will lead them to success in international business.


• Mastering the four communicative skills– reading, writing, listening, speaking.

• Practicing conversations in English with a partner or in a group in different communication contexts, so that to understand how business people really speak to help the successful performance at work.

• Written communication of several types (e-mails, formal and informal correspondence).

• Language focus for improving and broadening the vocabulary and grammatical range. The course syllabus covers the main tenses and grammatical structures plus key vocabulary and phrases.

The goal of this course is to improve students ‘ performance on the job and help them to achieve a higher standard of competence and confidence in using the English language. Learners will be able to refine their business skills and develop a professional relationship with foreign customers.


The program is dedicated to all professionals and students interested in progressing through the upper-intermediate level of English and who wish to have a comprehensive foundation in the main areas of business.



1.1. Competitive Environment: Concepts of competitive markets, Vocabulary describing levels of competition, Studying a highly competitive company, Building relationships accross companies, Making your feelings understood

1.2. Future Uncertainty: STEEP analysis, Language of certainty and uncertainty, Global consumer goods industry, Language to describe the consumer goods sector, Launching a new product


2.1. Rewarding Performance: Employee reward strategies, Vocabulary of pay and incentives, Constructing a pay package, Performance-Related Pay (PRP) in practice, Making executive pay decisions, Negotiating a pay rise, Language for negotiations

2.2. Fostering Creativity: Creative thinking and creative management, Solving problems creatively, Innovation in practice, Making a product into a commercial success

The lessons focused on business skills contain authentic content from real business meetings that will help improve learners’ skills in such areas as presentations, negotiations, meetings and relationship-building.


Emilia Frunza is a Training Manager within the Romanian Banking Institute. She has over 10 years of experience in organizing and coordinating training programs for the banking and financial sector. She has organized and coordinated the City University of Seattle MBA Program in Romania for 5 years. She has also been in charge with organizing the ACCA (Associate Chartered Certified Accountant), ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) Programs.
She is teaching English language courses for the banking and financial sector within the Romanian Banking Institute.

Emilia holds a Bachelor Degree in Financial Management and she is a Certified Trainer since 2010.


With a total of 16 hours (2 meetings per week/2 hours) with the possibility of extending the period at the request of the participants.


Emilia Frunză

Telephone: 0372 394 409

Mobile: 0748.886.834


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