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Marketing and management strategies whithin the banking industry (5 months)


The course offers an advanced level of knowledge in the areas of banking management as well as services and products marketing.


1. Banking Management

  • Introduction to bank management
  • Organizational systems and structures;
  • Organizational culture;
  • Organisations and their environments
  • The actual issues in bank management;
  • The activities of bank managers;
  • Planning, organization, and control of banking;
  • Analysis of decision-making;
  • Project management and management of change;
  • Management styles and the human resources management;
  • Management information systems in banks;
  • Offensive and defensive management of assets and liabilities. Gap analysis. Forex position;
  • Treasury operations;
  • Types of risks in banking;
  • Portfolio management. Banking performance ratios and indicators.

2. Banking Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • Marketing of banking services and products;
  • The marketing environment;
  • Customer’s behaviour: individuals and corporate customers;
  • Analysing competitor behaviour;
  • Banking services and products;
  • Distribution channels;
  • Service quality and relationship between bankers and customers;
  • Market segments;
  • Strategy and marketing plan.


5 months 

The course include two study periods:

– The individual training period consists of deepening the theoretical knowledge included in the course materials and the bibliography attached thereto. Materials will be sent electronically at the beginning of the training. During the individual training, students can ask the course organizer questions about the content of the materials studied. The answers to the questions will be provided by the lecturer during the course.

 The class training period (2 days), according to a preset schedule, is the actual delivery of the course by the lecturer (deepening the theoretical notions, case studies, examples, simulations, etc.) and evaluation of knowledge throughout and at the end of the course.

The necessary registration documents:

Registration form, copy of ID card, copy of bachelor degree.

Participants will receive at the end of the course a certificate of specialization.

For the course fee and other details please contact us by phone or e-mail.

For more information regarding the programme and attendance procedures, please contact us at e-mail:; tel. no.: 021/327.50.87, 0372.394.424, 0748.886.803, fax: 021/327.50.86.



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