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Methods of financing and payment in international trade (3 months)

The course is conducted in a mixed system (classroom training and distance learning) and presents the latest developments relating to the conduct of business at a global level. The textbook is accompanied by a CD containing the Publications of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (English – Romanian): INCOTERMS 2010 and Publications 600/Documentary letters of credit, 522/Documentary collection, 758/ Bank guarantees payable upon demand.


The course is aimed at staff in banks working in the operational departments of foreign settlement, trade financing and warranties. The course is useful for those in legal departments, who may face some problems solving cases treated in the subject presented. Also, the topics presented show a real interest for members of the NBFI, firms exporting and/or importing, multinational companies, firms with production/trade activity, consulting firms, professional associations, carriers, insurer brokers, leasing companies, customs, etc.


  • An introduction to international trade
  • The use of terms of trade
  • Documents used in international trade and international trade terms (INCOTERMS 2010);
  •  Documentary credit;
  •  Documentary collection;
  •  Exports and imports financing;
  •  Guarantees in international trade.


Gabriela Hartescu, Doctor in economy – specialized in Finance, General Manager of the ROMANIAN BANKING INSTITUTE, expert in international trade, with an experience of over 15 years in training. Mrs Hartescu has held seminars for companies, banks, non-banking financial institutions, on topics related to: foreign settlements, bank guarantees in international trade, alternative sources of financing of export-import operations, payment instruments, etc.


Romanian Banking Institute, Bucharest and Associated Regional Centers (county seats)

The necessary registration documents:

Registration form, copy of ID card, copy of baccalaureate/bachelor degree.


3 months: TBA

For more information regarding the programme and attendance procedures, please contact us at e-mail: roxana.ivan@ibr–;; tel. no.: 021/327.50.87, 0372.394.424, 0748.886.818, fax: 021/327.50.86.



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