The seminar aims to transfer several methods, techniques and best practices specific to the Business Intelligence into the negotiations practice. Their success in potentiating the final results of a negotiation has been validated over time in numerous international negotiations at the state level. The added value of components brought from intelligence to business negotiation lies in the accuracy of the informing activity and thorough management of the relationship with the negotiating partner.

At the end of the course, participants will know and apply a minimum set of methods, techniques and best practices specific to Intelligence to the business negotiating process.


The course benefits all those who want to improve their negotiation skills: personnel in management, front office staff that interacts with the natural/ legal persons customers and others who want to negotiate effectively.


Introduction to the theory of negotiation

  • Types of negotiation (the ‘salami’ rule, the denial tactic etc.)
  • Negotiation critical parameters: time, information, power
  • Negotiation process

Preparation of negotiation

  • Analysis of the negotiation object: documentaries, informative dimension, forecast
  • Study of the negotiating partner: individual profile, reality of the opponent
  • Negotiation planning: goal setting, negotiation parameters and building scenarios


  • Initiate negotiation
  • Communication in negotiation

– The message exchange–The reception of messages (manifest vs. latent)

–Collection of intelligence/counter-intelligence during the negotiation

– Methods and techniques of communication: persuasion, manipulation, body language, verbal-paraverbal, lie detection

  • on the spot analysis
  • Real time Decisions
  • Closing negotiation
  • Resuming negotiations


A former chief of military intelligence directorate, Adriean Pârlog has over 25 years of experience in the field. He is currently an associate professor at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, and Babeş-Bolyai Univesity in Cluj-Napoca; additionally, he is a member in the admission committee of the military intelligence postgraduate course, member in the examination committee of the National Defense College, advisor for the postgraduates theses. He has a degree in Cybernetics and Statistics – with specialty in Economic Cybernetics, and a postgraduate course in Modelling Economic and Social Phenomena at the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest. He holds a PhD from the Academy of Military Studies, where he took a postgraduate class of military intelligence. His areas of expertise include: intelligence and business intelligence, information theory, modelling and simulation of economic and social processes.

Ionuţ Corduneanu is a specialist in intelligence and security, and a consultant in business information. He holds a PhD from the National Intelligence Academy, is a VP of the Association of Business Intelligence Specialists (, member of Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (, and associate editor in chief of Business/Competitive Intelligence magazine. In addition, he frequently teaches business intelligence classes, as an authorized trainer. He holds a degree in Social Communication – Intelligence (National Intelligence Academy), with over 13 years of experience in the field.


The course lasts 16 hours.


2 – 3 March 2020, between 9,00 – 17,00

Registration to course is made by filling in the registration form.

RBI will hold the course at its premises, providing specialized lecturers, course support, material resources required and catering.

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate, issued by RBI (under the aegis of the founding members: NBR and RBA), with 14 CPD credits.


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