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The ECDL programme is updated according to the new developments of information technology and the demands of the labour market, more flexible and based on the principle of life long learning. As a result, candidates can certify from now exactly for the modules which best satisfy individual training requirements. To enroll in the ECDL program, each candidate receives a unique series of registration, without limit of duration in time, based on which the candidate can obtain any type of certification.Candidates can choose the complete package (course and test) or just the test.

The main types of certification are as follows:

  • ECDL START– involves attending and passing 4 fix modules: Using the computer, Online tools, Editing texts and Spreadsheets. It is recommended that candidates who want to certify their basic skills in computer choose this programme.
  • ECDL STANDARD– is the certification to which correspond the 7 ECDL modules, which consists of four ECDL Start modules, plus three additional modules of your choice, depending on the specificity and the interest of each participant, in order to develop and certify digital competence.

The 3 additional modules can be chosen between the following ECDL Standard modules: Presentations, Databases, Web Editing, Image Editing, IT Security. This provides flexibility in defining digital competence according to the interests of each candidate or the candidate company.

  • ECDL ADVANCED– provides the necessary knowledge to a higher level certification in the use of specific applications for solving tasks with high degree of difficulty. Advanced level certifications are available for: Editing text, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentations and this are produced for each module separately.

Candidates who obtain 3 ECDL Advanced Permits shall be issued free ECDL Expert Certificate.

  • ECDL PROFILE– it is a new type of certification that can be obtained as a result of the passing of any module or several ECDL modules combined, depending on the profile of each candidate. This type of certification keeps up with the candidate’s request to certify the competence and knowledge of specific areas and with a general change in terms of the manner in which are now acquired skills and competences throughout the entire life.

Within each ECDL PROFILE, each module is considered to be a standalone certification authority. ECDL profile of the candidate begins to be created from the successful promotion of a single ECDL module. ECDL profile does not expire and can be developed continuously throughout life.


Luciana Bercean – authorized trainer, with over 10 years of experience in delivering courses in the IT field, specialized in programs from the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. She own important certifications in the field: Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft Office Specialist Expert Excel 2016, ECDL expert.


5 – 8; 12 – 15; 19 – 22 April 2021, between 16.00 – 20.00 (cours + ECDL Exams ) 


Roxana Ivan – Training Specialist, 0748.886.839


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