Romanian Banking Institute

Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) is a catalyst for the new trends in banking, by transposing them into training programs, to the purpose of developing complex professional abilities, in accordance with the new roles of employees in the system. Due to the variety of our training offer (over 100 courses and seminars), its quality and its highly technical aspect, RBI is the leader in offering training programs for the financial and banking industry, while also successfully covering extremely interesting topics for the corporate sector. Each year, at RBI, over 3500 specialists benefit from applied programs, both as open or as in-house/ tailor-made courses.

Our message is that staff doesn’t represent “a cost element”, but rather a resource, which contributes to an increased performance of the institution. Or, as Benjamin Franklin once said,

„An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest”.


ROMANIAN BANKING INSTITUTE, legal person without patrimonial purpose founded in 1991 by the National Bank of Romania (NBR) and the Romanian Banking Association (RBA) has the main objective of improving the professional training and specialization of staff from the financial-banking sector, in line with the strategy determined by the National Bank of Romania (NBR), in cooperation with the Romanian Banking Association (RBA) and with the programmes approved by the Board of Directors.

The financial and banking training and specialisation programmes unfolded within the RBI address the real needs of prospective and existing employees in the field. The wide range offer of courses is designed for all levels of continuous training so as to meet the requirements of quantity, quality, flexibility and accessibility of the target groups to whom they are addressed.

Over 65,000 people have attended the vocational training programmes, participated in the events organised in partnerships with specialized organizations, associations, groups from the financial and banking sector, information technology, human resources, economics, academic environment, specialized mass-media, from our country as well as from abroad.

Starting with 2005, RBI has started a process of strengthening the connection with the European Union network of banking institutes – European Banking & Financial Services Training  Association – EBTN, becoming a member of it. From the moment of accession, the RBI has been involved in the process of transforming EBTN into an European vehicle for supporting the process of standardisation, accreditation, certification and quality assurance of the specialized training programs for financial and banking services sector in the member countries of the European Union.

In this context, the role of RBI is to apply policies and strategies of the banking institutions at the European level and to engage in research projects in the field of finance. RBI has become dedicated to promoting and achieving European standards of financial and banking training, within the framework of the European Association of Banking Institutes and in cooperation with the European Banking & Financial Services Training  Association – EBTN. Along with other European banking institutes, RBI has been involved as a partner in a number of large-scale projects such as the VEBS Project (Virtual European Banking School), CERTIFIED (“Certification & Accreditation System for Financial Services Sector Education and Training”), EROBANQUA (“European Banking Network for Quality Assurance”), EQUALIFISE (“European Qualification Assurance League in Financial Services”), FIRST (Financial Services EQF Translators in EU”).

Also, starting with 2005, RBI has provided in Romania the European certification banking training program “European Foundation Certificate in Banking”.

Starting 2016, EBTN (European Banking & Financial Services Training Association) has launched TripleE EFCB (European Foundation Certificate in Banking under the Triple E quality standard).
The TripleE EFCB Committee is a consultancy body responsible for the TripleE EFCB accreditation of banking and financial training institutions worldwide.

As a natural consequence of extending the programs offered in strategic partnerships with european and international partners, RBI has signed new partnerships for delivery of global certification programs to the banking industry:

  • RiFS – Risk in Financial Services and GFC – Global Financial Compliance, both offered by CISI UK – Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
  • CEFA – Certified European Financial Analyst, certification offered by EFFAS – European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies in collaboration with AAFBR – Romanian Financial-Banking Analysts Association
  • ACI Dealing Certificate, issued by ACI – The Financial Markets Association
  • EFCB – European Foundation Certificate in Banking/ European Banking Certificate, issued by EBTN – European Banking & Financial Services Training Association
  • CB – Chartered Banker, offered by CIOBS – Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland

Starting with 2009, the RBI has become the initiator of development of occupational standards for the banking profession, in cooperation with European bodies and institutions of high professional level.

Since 2013, the Romanian Banking Institute has entered a new stage, operating institutional adjustments as well. The priority is the orientation towards the development of a coherent and unified system of ensuring the highest standards of quality in continuous vocational training for the financial services sector.

Some of the cornerstones of the RBI’s activity:

  • IBR currently has a total of 8 regional centers in the eight capital cities of the development regions of Romania and 30 associated centres at county level; over 140 associate experts (specialists in the financial-banking sector, academics, heads of banks and non-banking financial institutions);
  • over 1,800 RBI students have received the European Foundation Certificate in Banking;
  • RBI is an accredited test centre for ECDL (European Computer Driving License – ECDL),  and has granted more than 1100 Complete or Advanced ECDL certificates;
  • collaborates with 150 trainers/associate lecturers (bankers, professors, specialists, experts)
  • RBI is a member of the European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN), the European association of banking institutes in Europe, member of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and member of Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI UK);
  • Member of the Sectoral Committee “Financial, Banking and Insurance Activities”, thus having an active role in the process of certification of skills, developing occupational standards and implementation of the concept of continuous professional development.