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Banking Diploma

Participants who attend  the whole cycle of specialization programmes: Banking Marketing and Management, Credit Risk Management, Financial Markets and International banking operations are granted the Banking Diploma, which attests a complex professional training in the financial and banking field. The

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Internal Audit and Control in financial institutions (3 months)

TARGET GROUP The course is designed for employees working in the following departments of a financial institution: internal audit, internal control, credit review, compliance, risk management, governance. Moreover, the program is designed for all other interested individuals willing to enhance

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Lending – new business models inside the prudential framework (5 months)

OBJECTIVE Assists the participants with understanding the lending strategy, criteria, loan monitoring and control as well as the risk management. CONTENT 1. Lending principles. Customer assessment 2. Financial analysis in lending PERIOD 5 months (October 2020 – February 2021) The

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European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB)

OBJECTIVE Program dedicated to young high school graduates, students in their final years or those who have been working for a short time in the banking system or any other interested person. The holder of the certificate is recognized as

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Financing of SMEs and micro-enterprises (3 months)

TARGET GROUP The program addresses financial analysts from banks or other financial institutions, the SME / corporate departments (both sales, analysis and risk) as well as financial consulting companies working with SMEs and micro-enterprises, managers or CFOs of SMEs, who

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Investment projects management – a financial approach (3 months)

TARGET GROUP The program is addressed to persons with responsibilities in investment projects management of the financial-banking sector, legal entities or individuals interested. CONTENT PERIOD 3 months  The course include two study periods: – The individual training period consists of

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Methods of financing and payment in international trade (3 months)

The course is conducted in a mixed system (classroom training and distance learning) and presents the latest developments relating to the conduct of business at a global level. The textbook is accompanied by a CD containing the Publications of the

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International financial markets and banking operations (5 months)

OBJECTIVE The course introduces the participants to the financial market issues. Instruments and practices used by the lending institutions in financing international trade are also presented. CONTENT 1.    Money and financial markets 2.    Methods of financing and payment in international

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Reaching organization performance through communication and negociation (3 months)

TARGET GROUP The program is addressed to persons from banks, IFNs, SMEs, freelancers, legal entities or individuals. CONTENT PERIOD 3 months  The course include two study periods: TBA – The individual training period consists of deepening the theoretical knowledge included

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