SME Risk assessment and lending decision

OBJECTIVE Particpants will identify credit risk, will use analysis elements related to the financial statements, will calculate the financial burden, will express their opinion as regards the lending decision. AUDIENCE Credit and risk analysts, financial analysts, auditors from banks and


COURSE OBJECTIVE Obtaining knowledge and skills in order to carry out internal/external fraud risk management processes which may appear in financial and banking institutions, leasing companies, ensurance companies, as well as during legal execution of goods. The first part of


OBJECTIVE The course will offer the participants the chance to grasp the major aspects of Corporate Governance: AUDIENCE CONTENT TRAINER Doru Bulată, graduate in law, is Senior Advisor of EximBank Board of Directors on topics of Corporate governance, Risk and


Payment management in international trade

           OBJECTIVE The seminar aims to present the characteristics of the payment methods used in settlement of export – import transactions, and also the criteria that underlie the selection of the most advantageous solution. Many companies

MS Excel for the financial and banking sector – advanced level

Course presentation MS Excel is one of the most used applications in business, thanks to the facilities they offer for managing and analyzing data, the friendly and intuitive mode of operation. As a result of the permanent link with the


Leadership and managerial success

  A huge percentage of the company’s success, both financially and in terms of human capital, depends on the manager’s leadership style. Leadership means power, influence, inspiration, charisma, and this course gives you practical solutions to become such a leader


Cost Benefit Analysis and managing risks in implementing EU projects

OBJECTIVE The Cost Benefit Analysis is the main tool for estimating and evaluating the financial, economic and social development of major infrastructure projects. The main objective is to establish the extent to which the project contributes to economic and social


Financial markets and instruments

    OBJECTIVE Based on the latest trends and updates the course aims at offering an understanding of the functioning of the financial markets and of the traded financial instruments. Moreover, it will identify, analize and illustrate with practical examples


MIFID II: Strategies for risk assessment and management in the context of implementing the new legislation

DESCRIPTION The seminar presents an applied approach to risk management strategies in the context of the implementation of MIFID II. It highlighting the risk management paradigm changes introduced by MIFID II in parallel with the emphasizing of the governance framework

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