OBJECTIVE The continuity plan sets out actions in the event of incidents with major impact on the conduct of business. Without such a plan, companies may suffer losses, or reach unable to resume business. Effective implementation of a business continuity


Occupational standards specialist

OBJECTIVE The participants of this program will be able to develop an occupational standard, in accordance with the applicable methodologies. Course participants will understand the importance of developing occupational standards because they: AUDIENCE The course addresses specialists involved in the


Outplacement and career orientation

  Outplacement and career guidance services are provided in the Center for Evaluation, by Mrs Mikaela KETS, European expert in vocational guidance, trainer and evaluator of professional skills and competencies, with experience of over 10 years in employment and reorientation



OBJECTIVE This course is a part of the development strategy of a bank, strategy that entails assuming, administering, monitoring and diminishing the significant risks and is a base piller in the orientation of the activities of the bank, in a


Corporate Loan Restructuring – pre-requisite for reviving the economy

OBJECTIVE The participants will learn to combine different tools in the loan restructuring process of distressed corporates. They will align economic and financial considerations with legal issues and strategic positioning, with the aim to identify proper solutions for involved parties,


Prudential reporting of non-banking financial institutions

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE This program aims both deepening the legislation in force issued by National Bank of Romania related to reporting activities and familiarity with specific processes for determining credit risk provisions, determination of exposures registered on customers and group of


Prudentiality and Regulations of the Romanian Banking System

The economic crisis has affected all types of banking products and services, business models, monitoring and evaluation methods known. In the banking industry the term „banking and prudential regulations” is increasingly used to highlight the need for regulations to ensure


International sanctions – applicable to the financial services industry

OBJECTIVE The course presents the consolidated legislation and best practices on international sanctions, adopted by the UN, the EU and the U.S., in order to determine the modification of some activities or policies, which are considered to be inconsistent with

Soft Diplomatic Skills in business: DOs & DON’Ts in business protocol

  Code of Good Manners in Business OBJECTIVES The seminar aims to provide information about what we need to do and what we should not do from a protocol point of view. The business etiquette actually involves building and strengthening

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