Lending, Financial Analysis and Project Management


Key updates – Loan origination and monitoring as well as climate risk – Online

          The latest Guidelines on loan origination and monitoring that have been recently published by the European Banking Authority apply to all the credit institutions in Europe and impact both the existing and the new credit facilities.


Advanced financial analysis

QUALITY OF THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: WARNING SIGNS AND ADJUSTMENT TECHNIQUES Amid the financing restrictions within the last four-five years, private companies played a significant “commercial banking” role for their customers, by accepting extended collection terms. Traditional banking credit shifted more



Romanian banking system is currently facing multiple challenges: One of the main priorities for banks in this period is revitalising the lending business, by re-assuming an active role in structuring new loans, to encourage both consumers and investors, in a


Managerial Finance

The course aims to illustrate the financial and accounting issues from the managerial point of view, so as to facilitate communication between finance and all other functions of a company. It has a strong impact on understanding and implementing the