Management, Marketing and International Transactions


OBJECTIVE The seminar aims to transfer several methods, techniques and best practices specific to the Business Intelligence into the negotiations practice. Their success in potentiating the final results of a negotiation has been validated over time in numerous international negotiations


THE IMPACT OF INCOTERMS 2010 on international trade contracts

              OBJECTIVE The seminar provides an overview and a correct understanding of the new Incoterms ® 2010 rules and their impact on International Trade. The INCOTERMS delivery terms are internationally recognized and accepted. They define


Payment management in international trade

           OBJECTIVE The seminar aims to present the characteristics of the payment methods used in settlement of export – import transactions, and also the criteria that underlie the selection of the most advantageous solution. Many companies

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Marketing and management strategies whithin the banking industry (5 months)

OBJECTIVE The course offers an advanced level of knowledge in the areas of banking management as well as services and products marketing. CONTENT 1. Banking Management 2. Banking Marketing PERIOD 5 months  The course include two study periods: – The