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Coface Country Risk Conference – 29 April 2015

The Coface Country Risk Conference, currently at its 11th edition it is considered a catalyst of ideas and debates within the national business community.
The event became a traditional risk management event in Romania and a point of reference for the leading representatives of local and international business environment.
In 2014, the event brought together a record number of participants, over 300 experts in country risk, academic and banking specialists and Romanian and foreign investors.
The aim of the Coface Country Risk Conference is to review the past year, debate global and European macroeconomic major trends shaping the economy and analyzes the main problems of Romania during the crisis and adoption of a certain monetary policy strategy.
RBI Guests will benefit from a 15% discount for the entire registration period.
In order to participate at The Country Risk Conference 2015, please complete the registration form.
Coface Country Risk Conference is empowered by: IBR, MARSH, AAFBR, ARB, BRCC, CFA, INEVENT, KOMPASS.