Triple E Project

The Romanian Banking Institute is involved as a partner in the following EU-funded project:

Project title: Financial Services Sector ‘Triple E’ Qualifications

Project acronym: Triple-E

The project is funded under the following EU programme:


Sub-programme: LEONARDO DA VINCI


European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN)
Warszawski Instytut Bankowości (WIB)
Hellenic Banking Institute of the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)
Romanian Banking Institute (RBI)
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FS)
The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland (CIOBS)
Malta Union of Bank Employees (MUBE)
Institute of Banking Education NBS


Description of the project:

In FSS in EU we have a variety of regulatory national regimes and practices in terms of qualifications of FSS employees and this is what Triple E Project wants to change. Key employees qualifications should be designed based on best market practices, should be agreed by all key stakeholders, should be transparently described and communicated to the customers, should be reliably verified and should be constantly updated.

The Triple E project aims to strongly contribute to the development of sectoral qualifications (national and European) systems by incorporating ECVET, according to the EU specific Recommendation. Moreover the project will support the improvement of the quality of training systems through the development of innovative European Guidelines for the definition of professional qualifications in terms of learning outcomes, with the attribution of ECVET points, EQF level, and according to quality assurance criteria.

Main outcomes:

– Guidelines for defining sectoral Triple E Qualifications

– quality standards for the ECVET implementation

– concrete example of Triple E Qualification (revised EFCB Certificate)

RBI will be mostly involved in Work Package 4 – Test the Guidelines and ECVET Quality standards (revision of EFCB), more precisely in the revision of the contents and structure of the EFCB certificate programme (European Foundation Certificate in Banking).

The first meeting of the project, the Kick-Off Meeting, took place in Rome, on October 9-10, 2013, hosted by the Italian Banks Association (ABI).  Ms. Gabriela Hartescu, PhD, General Manager, and Ms. Emanuela Savu, PhD, Training Manager,  represented the Romanian Banking Institute at the Kick-Off Meeting.

The second meeting of the project took place in Warsaw, on March 27-28, 2014, and it was hosted by Warszawski Instytut Bankowości in Poland (WIB). Ms. Gabriela Hartescu, PhD, General Manager, and Ms. Emilia Frunza, Training Manager,  represented the Romanian Banking Institute at the second partners’ meeting.

The interim partners’meeting of the project took place in Brussels, on September 18-19, 2014, and it was hosted by EBTN, at the headquarters of the  European Banking Federation (EBF). Also on September 18, the European Consultation Seminar was organized at EBF headquarters. Participants were stakeholders from areas such as banking, education, social policies and human resources, from all the countries where EBTN members are present. Ms. Simona Mihai, expert within the Human Resources Direction of the National Bank of Romania, participated in the seminar as a guest invited by the Romanian Banking Institute.  For more details about the European Consultation Seminar, please read the press release published below. RBI was represented by  Dr. Emanuela Savu, Training Manager and Emilia Frunza, Training Manager, both at the European Consultation Seminar and at the Triple-E interm partners’ meeting.

The fourth meeting of the project took place in Edinburgh, on March 26-27, 2015, and it was hosted by the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland (CIOBS). RBI was represented by Dr. Gabriela Hartescu, General Director and Dr. Emanuela Savu, Training Manager. Together with CIOBS, RBI’s partner for Work Package 4, RBI has presented “Methodology and Tools for the Testing Phase” and “EFCB Learning Outcomes”.

RBI has organized in Bucharest the National consultation workshop,  on May 20, 2015, during which we presented the objectives of the Testing Phase, the three pillars of the TripleE Standard and the revision of the European Foundation Certificate in Banking – EFCB, as a TripleE qualification.  The audience of the event of comprised of HR and Training professionals, training providers (vocational and academic), professional associations, public authorities  and private entities involved in developing professional standards and evaluating competencies, and other participants, interested in the most recent European developments as regards professional qualifications. The discussions among the participants were concentrated on developing abilities and competencies for professionals within the banking industry, and on testing them at the end of studying for a professional qualification/certification.  Also, the general opinion was that the design process of a financial and banking professional qualification should involve consultations with all interested parties: future students, professors, employers, training providers, accreditation bodies. This is also one of the main requisites of the TripleE project, within which there are many deliverables which involve ample national and European consultations on the TripleE quality standard.

The final partners meeting will take place in Brussels, on September 23, 2015. It will cover the final report on the TripleE project and the exploitation and sustainability plan for the following year.

Also in Brussels, on September 24, there will be the final European conference, which will cover the launching of the TripleE Standard, and there will be over 100 attendees on behalf of European stakeholders.

The last activity within the project timeline will be the National InfoDay, which the Romanian Banking Institute will organize on Tuesday, September 29, to disseminate the latest details and information regarding the project to Romanian stakeholders.

Press releases:

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