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Fraud & Risk Management in the post-Covid era, 10th March 2021

SAS Conference

Moldova Banking Event
„Fraud & Risk Management in the post-Covid era”

Analytics is one of the main technological initiatives that Banking organizations can leverage to transform their operations and finances – covering customer experience, risk management, compliance to regulations, prevention of fraud, decisioning optimization and many more. This event will bring you up to speed with the great results that are feasible by the adoption of Analytics in Banking, with examples from real-life experience.

Fraud Session | Thursday, 10th March | 11:00 – 12:00
Fraudulent activity is a consistent and ever-important source of financial losses for Banking organizations. We are excited to present our various capabilities to provide holistic coverage for the detection and prevention of fraud in all facets of Banking operations. In this session, we will present:
    – Overview of SAS approach for Banking Fraud, capabilities & field experience.
   – Solutions for effective monitoring of Payment operations, Customer Applications, Financial Crime threats and more.
    – Best practices for Fraud prevention and compliance.

Risk Session | Thursday, 10th March | 12:00-13:00
Banks are under a lot of pressure lately, between strong competition, increasing complexity and pressure from the Regulators, and increasing demand for digitalization and automation. Proper Risk and Finance platform can enable banks to  stay fully compliant with regulation, while using same infrastructure for internal/managerial  needs and decreasing maintenance cost. We are happy to present you SAS Risk Portfolio covering Engines (RWA, IFRS 9, ALM, etc.), Modeling and Decisioning as well as Model Governance.