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The Romanian Banking Institute & SAS Institute partners for higher quality in Risk Management education

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) & SAS have partnered to deliver high quality specialized education in Risk Management  for the professionals working in the Financial Services Industry.

Risk managers of leading financial institution in Romania see huge uncovered market potential and their goal is to follow European and international best market trends and practices towards innovation-driven effective risk management.

Having observed still increasing needs to leverage best Risk Management practices, both Partners decided to design and launch a high level series of workshops and training programs to cultivate an effective approach and culture for Risk Management, which still seems to be challenge No. 1 for many financial organizations. The business-focus in the first session will provide an expert introduction to credit risk management. This workshop will be delivered by a market practitioner and will provide an end-to-end description of the methodology for risk scorecard development and management including behavioral deep information on analysis. The participants will be offered a unique opportunity to see how the whole process is easily managed in practice, with the leading industry solutions provided by SAS, that have been chosen by 400+ financial institutions worldwide.

Next sessions will be dedicated to all relevant topics which enable risk managers to be more effective and profitable within the same level of risk appetite.

The Romanian Banking Institute & SAS Institute trust to collaboratively cultivate the best practices in risk management. Our common efforts aim to offer a unique possibility to explore market best-practices in risk management, announce easy-to use but efficient innovative techniques and approaches in risk management, to have access to deep knowledge on most successful business-cases and to enlarge the network of risk professionals.

The educational partnership between RBI & SAS will also focus on the AML, IFRS 9 and other topics of interest for the banking industry, as well as specific subjects for the insurance companies.

This educational partnership aims to enhance the professionalism of the finance professionals, allowing the transfer of knowledge and competencies from highly expertised practitioners as lecturers, using the best technical tools and instruments needed to reach efficiency and performance. 

Click here to see images from „Developing & Implementing Intelligent Credit Risk Scorecards”, a hands-on 2-day seminar with SAS software, March 27-28, 2019 at RBI.