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Global Financial Compliance – GFC

The Romanian Banking Institute – RBI’s mission is to raise the level of knowledge and experience of all finance professionals in Romania and thus we are contributing to building a culture of compliance awareness and management that is vital to ensure financial success in all areas.

Starting 2015, RBI became the only training provider in Romania to offer courses leading to the Global Financial Compliance – GFC qualification. For this project RBI partnered with École Supérieure des Affaires – ESA – accredited by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI), UK – to bring high quality training programs for GFC Qualification.

CISI is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and in a growing number of financial centres globally and ESA represents one of the most reputable and successful accredited training provider for the CISI qualifications.

The Global Financial Compliance qualification addresses techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in a company. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the issues a global Compliance Officer may encounter. It addresses international issues including the international regulatory environment, managing the risk of financial crime, governance, risk management, ethics, integrity and fairness.

Key Features of the GFC Program

  • Specialist qualification – covers all the key aspects of compliance
  • Globally portable – addresses international issues, reflecting the needs of a worldwide market
  • CISI Student membership – become associated with a chartered professional body and take advantage of an extensive range of benefits
  • On the European Qualifications Framework, the GFC equates to a level 4 qualification.

Training Package

  • Study plan for the entire duration of the program (approximately 5 – 6 months)
  • Induction course – a teaching phase consisting in 2 full days of classroom training introducing the material and explaining the most important concepts in the syllabus
  • Revision course – a review phase consisting in a refresher course of 2 days, going over highlights from the first two day course. In addition, students will sit a mock exam to get them familiarized with exam techniques (for the real exam)
  • Tutor support and feedback via e-mail throughout the entire duration of the Program (in addition to the classroom based sessions)
  • CISI study guide and lecturer’s own materials
  • CISI issued workbook (CISI original learning manual)

Target Group

The GFC qualification is suitable for all compliance staff, and it will be especially relevant to Compliance Officers.

GFC Summary Syllabus


1.1 Models of regulation

1.2 The International approach to regulation


2.1 International best practice

2.2 The role of the Compliance function within a firm

2.3 Managing regulatory relationships


3.1 Money laundering, terrorist financing and the standards required of firms

3.2 Practical implications

3.3 Policies, procedures and controls required of Firms


4.1 Ethics

4.2 Market Integrity

4.3 Fair Conduct

4.4 Fair Dealing


5.1 Corporate governance

5.2 Key risk types, their application and impact on the Compliance function

GFC Examination Subjects Covered

The objective of the examination is to ensure that candidates have an introduction to international compliance.

The examination will test candidates’ Knowledge and Understanding of the following elements:

No. Element Number of questions
1 The International Regulatory Environment


2 The Compliance function


3 Managing the risk of financial crime


4 Ethics, Integrity and Fairness


5 Governance, Risk management and Compliance





The exam for GFC Qualification consists of 100 Multiple Choice Question and lasts for 2 hours, with 70% minimum pass mark.

Candidates sitting the examination by Computer Based Testing will have, in addition, up to 10% additional questions as trial questions that will not be separately identified and do not contribute to the result. Candidates will be given proportionately more time to complete the test.

Each student for the GFC is given a CISI authored study guide before taking the course. It is recommended that this study guide is read comprehensively by candidates and revised at least two-three times before taking the exam. The examination fee is GBP 359, payable to CISI UK.
There is also a one-off initial registration fee of GBP 40, also payable to CISI UK.

The exam is computer-based, and it has to be booked/scheduled online on the CISI website. Exams are sat at the Prometric Center in Bucharest (1B Expozitiei Blvd).

It is recommended that the exam be taken approx. 4 weeks after the review session.


Samar Baasiri, CAMS

With about 20 years of extensive international banking experience in Canada and Middle East, Ms. Baasiri is currently the Head of the Compliance Department at one of the largest banks in the Middle East. In this role, she is in charge of preparing the bank’s Anti-Money Laundering policies and procedures on a risk-based approach. She also participated in building the AML risk matrix model now used in the bank and implemented Anti-Money Laundering software for the AML unit for monitoring customers and internal accounts.

Ms. Baasiri is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and has been a member of the ACAMS Advisory Board since 2006. She is also a founding and current member of the AML Committee at the Association of Banks in Lebanon as well as a founding and current member of the Group of Certified Compliance Officers Best Practices Committee for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Samar is a frequent speaker at industry, government and law enforcement conferences on compliance and AML/CFT issues. She is a CISI UK certified lecturer/trainer for GFC.

Launching the 5th series of the Global Financial Compliance Program: October 23, 2023

October 23 – 26, 2023 – induction course (15:30 – 19:30)

November 20-21 – revision course (15:30 – 19:30)

Application Deadline:

October 6, 2023

Program duration:

2-3 months of enhanced distance learning tutor support, also including 6 days of online classroom instruction:  4 days of Induction course in October (Oct 23-26) and 2 days of Revision Course in November (Nov 20-21), from 15:30 to 19:30.

Course registration is made by filling in the registration form.

Documents required for registration:

CV in English, copy of the identity card and the legalized copy of the Bachelor’s Degree, translated into English.

For further information and enrollment, please contact:

Emilia Frunză, Training Manager

Tel: 0748.886.834